SkillVault builds long-lasting teams fast

The fortune 500, startups, and venture capitalists call SkillVault whenever they need to find the right tech talent. And they have been doing so for more than two decades.

What makes SkillVault so different?

  • Our data-driven approach allows us to tap into top talent who aren’t actively job seeking
  • All our candidates enter the interview process with clarified goals; they are fully briefed on the role at hand, so your team can save time and money
  • We thoroughly understand both the hirer and the hiree on a deep level

For companies looking for tech talent fast, SkillVault is the hiring partner that will get you the right person for the right role. Not just for now, but for the long haul.

Skill Vault

Retained Search

A confidential and dedicated approach to identifying and hiring specialized professionals and executives. Retained search is appropriate when the need is urgent, the hire will have a significant impact on company performance, or new opportunities might emerge that must be quickly addressed. Market intelligence is a critical component of successful retained searches. Our retained recruiters invest in comprehensive research, matching the strategic, financial, cultural and operational aspects of the company and candidate.

Contingent Search

A contingent contract can have many variables but basically you make no financial commitment to SkillVault until we find, and you hire the candidate for your organization. We will source exceptional, hard to find candidates that will bring immediate value and impact to your company. Each candidate we present undergoes a thorough selection process, including telephone and video interviews, as well as a thorough technical screening.

On-Demand Recruitment Services

Our On-Demand Recruitment Service "DotConnect" specializes in fulfilling your immediate hiring business objectives. This solution provides bespoke recruiting support during challenging periods of the hiring cycle such as; hard-to-fill positions, accelerated ramp-up, compressed time frames, and special projects.

Market Mapping

Whether you are looking to evaluate a new market, assess a perceived skills shortage or kick-start an executive search or recruitment campaign, market mapping will help you identify and secure talent confidentially, whilst providing explicit market insight into both the talent available and the competitor landscape. Our market mapping services provide a tailored, cost-effective way of assessing markets and skills before investing time and money in a full executive search. It is often the first step before conducting a full executive search or recruitment process, to evaluate the accessibility of a particular market or geography.

Partner with SkillVault to build your next team

George Stoll

George Stoll, the founder of SkillVault, is a perfectionist to the core. He knows people remember you for the way you make them feel, and his clients and candidates fall in love with his straightforward style and continual support.

When you partner with George, you get a business coach, interview expert, and client success manager all rolled into one.

Follow George on LinkedIn or email him to partner up today.

Parag Patel

Platform Architect

George is a visionary. He planted the seed of considering a new approach and my career has changed significantly because of that decision. Now I have the privilege of being proud of what I built because of the continued success of our company.

Jeff Weinberg

Former Principal Engineer at T. Rowe Price

SkillVault was able to prepare me, bring me through the process, negotiate on my behalf, and get me more than what I expected. With other recruiters, I might get a job, but George delivered over and above.

Jason Rundell

His success ratio of candidates submitted to actual hires is very impressive. I recommend his firm highly to any company who has a need to fill IT jobs in a short period of time

Jeff Weinberg

Former Principal Engineer, T. Rowe Price

I worked with SkillVault as a candidate and now, when I’m building a team, I work with SkillVault because they know exactly what I’m looking for.

Jason Rundell

Director of Talent Acquisition, North America – Ciena

When the decision is made to extend a search externally to 3rd party agencies because your internal team is not having success, you want to partner with few firms who can get the job done and not waste valuable time. SkillVault has provided that favorable experience on numerous occasions over 15+ years.

Elizabeth Law is an accomplished HR professional with over 12 years of experience specializing in Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand management.

She is a well-networked leader who partners at the executive level and comes with a proven track record recruiting for startups and Fortune 500 in every facet of the business, including sales, technology, product, and people services.

Elle earned her Certification in Human Resources and Executive Leadership from Cornell University. She has been a member of the SHRM NY Chapter since 2010.

Follow Elle on LinkedIn.

I first got to know Elle's great recruitment strengths during my onboarding at Vibrant Media. She was well organized and literally provided the most seamless process I had ever seen as a candidate or as a hiring manager. Shortly after my hire, I was also tasked with hiring candidates myself and found again those skills you look for in somebody like Elle; organization, trustworthiness, honesty and, through her connections, had a great sense of what the marketplace values were for candidates.

Over the past several years I had the pleasure of getting to know Elle in multiple roles. First, she was part of the recruiting team who brought me to Vibrant and ensured my success acclimating to the company. Secondly, she was a great partner and help with recruitment for my own team. In fact, she helped recruit one of my favorite all-time hires. Not to mention, she does all of this with a smile

Elizabeth Law